If you’re under 18, and looking after someone in your family, this page is for you. We’ll help you work out if you belong to a group of people called young carers.

Do you spend time doing any of these things for someone in your family:

  • taking them
  •  to medical appointments, or the hospital?
  • helping them to take their medication?
  • helping them to wash themselves, or with personal care?
  • doing the shopping or cooking?

You may do a lot of these things most of the time. Or you may only do one or two of these things occasionally.

The person you help might be:

  • your parent
  • your brother or sister
  • your grandparent
  • any other family member.

You may have other people in your family helping out as well, or you may be doing it all on your own.

If you can say ‘Yes’ to any of these things, you may be a young carer. Being a young carer means there are other people facing the same kind of situation. People who are going through the same things. Being a young carer is something to be proud of even, if you sometimes feel that other people don’t understand h

We are here to support you and to help to make life easier for you, or simply to give you a chance to have fun and relax sometimes.
ow you feel. 

If you would like to talk to somebody about being a young carer please call /what’s app or text the EyPIC Team on : 07809332106

or email : youngcarers@enfieldcarers.org