Primary Care

On average , 1 in 10 patients  at each GP Practice are carers. Our  Carers GP Liaison Project aims to ensure you are better supported by your GP Practice.  Enfield Carers Centre is working hard in Enfield to help improve the support that carers receive from their GP surgery.  Happily, the majority of the 49 surgeries in Enfield are working with us and should have information and leaflets about the Carers Centre on display.  We have also trained 8 Carers Champions (staff working at different surgeries) who have agreed to help identify, support and signpost carers to the centre.

Acknowledging you not just as a patient, but as a patient who is a carer will mean that your GP is on the lookout for early signs that you’re possibly taking on too much at the expense of your own health needs.

Prevention is also better than cure as we all know. So, if you receive regular free health checks and an annual flu jab, you can avoid some longer term problems, if these are spotted earlier.  Most GPs will be happy to arrange these for carers.  If you’re having difficulty getting a free health check, the centre often arranges Healthy Living Events where a registered nurse is available to conduct free health checks for carers. Contact the centre to find out when the next event is taking place.

Enfield Carers Centre hosts regular GP Forums where carers can get together to discuss any issues or problems they are experiencing at their GP Surgery.  Whilst we can’t promise that we can solve them all, our GP Support Workers will do their best to help liaise with staff at your surgery to overcome the issues.

If you have a problem with your GP Practice or wish to tell us about a practice that have supported you as a Carer please call Fiona Jones  : 0208 366 3677 or email her on: