Carer's Assessment

Who can have a Carers Assessment?

Since the Government introduced the Care Act 2014, all Carers have a right to a Carers Assessment if you provide, or intend to provide care regularly to someone who has care and support needs, even if they have refused a community care assessment of their own needs.

A Carers assessment will help identify the support you need. Sometimes you may be offered, handed or sent a carers assessment form for completion by a worker from health and social care services. If you’re happy to complete this without help, that’s fine.  If need help completing this, Carers Assessment Officers at the Carers Centre will be happy to help you.

Ideally, it’s a discussion, usually a meeting with the health and social care worker or our Assessment Officer where you are asked about your caring situation and what help you may need with caring. You can get support to help you to keep well and healthy and manage caring alongside your other commitments and everyday life.

The assessment will ask you about the practical help and support you provide, what you are prepared to continue to do, and what would make managing easier for you.

You will have the opportunity to talk about:

  • The support you provide or intend to provide
  • How caring affects your life
  • What you find difficult at the moment and any concerns for the future
  • If you want to carry on caring and what support you will need
  • What kind of help you may need to give you time to start or continue employment, training and leisure opportunities.

The assessment will consider other help, either through specific services or by advising you about the other help you could get, perhaps through the voluntary sector (such as the Carers Centre). The council will not always be able to provide what you think you need but may be able to suggest solutions you had not considered.

What if the person I care for does not live in Enfield?

If the person you care for lives outside Enfield, the local authority in which they live will complete your Carers Assessment. They will tell us if they identify that some of the support should be provided within Enfield.

When and where will my Carers Assessment take place?

  • If the person you care for is going to be assessed by the council, your Carers Assessment can be completed at the same time (a joint or combined assessment).
  • If you want your assessment completed separately (a stand-alone assessment), Enfield Carers Centre can arrange an appointment with one of our Carers Assessment Officers.
  • The assessment can take place at the Carers Centre or another venue near your home.  If you are housebound or your cared-for person can’t stay home alone, a home visit may be arranged*.  You can have someone with you if you wish.
  • If you prefer, you can tell the council about your own needs without a meeting or discussion with the council or the Carers Centre – this is called a self-assessment and is online. Click here to go to the council’s website page for self assessments.

*subject to ECC eligibility criteria

Things to think about before your assessment

It is important to think carefully about your own needs and the kind of help that would make it easier for you to be a Carer. You may find it helpful to keep a diary of everything you do and also consider:

  • Are you happy to continue caring?
  • Are you able and willing to provide care on a regular basis?
  • Do you get enough sleep and does caring affect your health?
  • Are you able to get out and about with the person you care for?
  • Do you get any time to yourself?
  • Are other relationships affected?
  • Are you worried you may need to give up work?
  • Is the person you care for getting enough help?

Your assessment

During the assessment you can discuss the different ways services could be provided to support you. We cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for services but the most likely practical outcomes could be:

  • increased short breaks, sitting services or respite
  • access to benefits
  • contact with local carers groups
  • referrals to services which support your health and well-being
  • help with aids and adaptations to help you provide care in the home
  • emergency planning.

This help could be from social care services but may also be from other parts of the Council orother organisations.

After your assessment

Once your assessment has been completed, you will be given or sent a written copy of any needs that have been identified. This will show details of your support or information needs and how they may be met.

Will I be charged for any of the services I receive?

Enfield Council has introduced charging for Carers. This means that if your assessment indicates you are eligible for council support, you will have to have a financial assessment.  If you have savings over £23,250 you will be charged.

If the outcome of your Carers Assessment is to increase the level of community care services for the person you care for, that person may be charged for this dependent on their financial situation. For more information about charging, please ask for Enfield Council’s “Community Care Services for people living at home – Charging Policy” Booklet from Enfield Council on 0208 379 1000.

How do I request a Carers Assessment?

If you would like a separate (stand-alone) assessment please call the Carers Centre on 0208 366 3677 to book an appointment or email us by clicking here

If you feel that a joint assessment for yourself and the person you care for is more appropriate, please contact Enfield Adult Social Care Services on:

Telephone: 020 8379 1001

Textphone: 020 8379 6962