ECC has considered the current health concerns and the importance of protecting both carers, cared for persons and our staff and have decided to take the following temporary action.  Carers on Enfield Carers Register have already been informed by text, phone, email and on Monday 16th March, more detailed postal information was also sent to them together with advice on emergency planning along with some information on the coronavirus and helpful links.

From Monday 16th March 2020 and until further notice, our Centre will not receive visitors.  Our staff will continue to be at work and they will be available to talk with carers by phone and email only, until further notice. We will not be providing home visits during this time but our staff will be available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm on our normal number 020 8366 3677. They will be able to offer practically the same support and advice over the phone that they would have given carers face to face.  Our attendance at external meetings will be dependent on staff availability and meetings that would have taken place at the Centre will be via tele-conferencing.

Our regular activities such as monthly support groups will still take place but will now be by conference call. This will mean that up to 100 carers can all share a phone call which will be hosted by one of our staff.  Carers wishing to join a support group are being asked call the Centre to book and we will give them details of how to join the conference call.  It will not cost carers more than a regular call to the Carers Centre.

Carers Assessments, counselling sessions, legal information and benefit appointments will also only take place by phone.  If carers already had an appointment booked for one of these activities, they will receive a call at the time that their appointment was booked.

Carers will need to ensure they have any documents they need to discuss or have been told to bring to their appointment, ready and near the phone.

Unfortunately, Yoga, Bingo and our Carers’ Coffee Mornings will be cancelled until further notice.  It may be difficult to help carers with Blue Badge, Taxicard or Dial-a-Ride online applications by phone, but if carers are fairly confident with computers and want a staff member to guide them through by phone, we may still be able to help.

We appreciate that the above changes may be somewhat inconvenient and for this, we apologise.  However, we are committed to supporting carers in the safest, most practical way we can during this challenging time.

Our April-June Carers Voice Newsletter will be issued at the end of March/beginning of April and hopefully we’ll be able to give more details in that edition.


Read and/or download these documents for additional information for Carers.

Carers UK Coronavirus guidance for carers

Carers UK-Carers Trust emergency plan advice


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