Should people who receive the higher levels of Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (Care Component) or Personal Independence Payments (Daily Living Component) pay this towards their social care provision; even if family carers are providing them with the majority of their care?

Enfield Local Authority are holding a consultation period to ask residents in Enfield to give their views whether the night time element of disability related benefits should be considered income when calculating the level of contributions a person should pay towards their social care.

This means that anyone getting the night element of Attendance Allowance/Disability Living Allowance or the Enhanced Daily Living Component of Personal Independence Payments will now be considered to have up to an extra £27.45 per week to pay towards their care, even though their financial situation hasn’t actually changed.  If you would like a brief overview for the basis for this consultation, click here.

A number of carers have expressed they feel this is unfair as a person has to have significant need to qualify for these benefits and often it is their carer providing night time care; in these cases they will be meeting night needs, at no financial cost, while the person they care for will be, potentially, paying more for any day care they receive from social services.

Enfield Carers Centre arranged for a legal perspective from Craig Ward MSc who answered questions and gave a presentation regarding relevant information that might be useful to convey when responding to this, local authority’s, consultation. (Slides from presentation).

The local authority have provided responses to a number of questions asked by carers, this document can be read by clicking this link, 2017-18 ASC consultation FAQ’s.

We hope that providing the above information will help inform carers, and other Enfield residents, so that they can feedback their views and take part in this short consultation to ensure that any concerns are fully considered before any final decisions are made.

The consultation can be accessed via this link: Online Survey

There is a printable easy read version here: Easy Read

If you would like to be sent paper versions of either survey please contact via email or call 020 8379 3740.

If you would rather simply email your response to the proposals, please email these to

The Consultation is open until Wednesday 11th October 2017.