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Enfield Carers Centre newsletter

Enfield Carers Centre newsletter

Enfield Carers Annual Report

Enfield Carers Annual Report


Specialised therapeutic massage – found it very relaxing and helpful, encouraging me to go to the gym more often and come out of the depressive mood that I sometimes fall [into] as a result of the pressures of my son’s condition and work juggling responsibilities. — Ian

Therapist is excellent. Improves impact of all caring and overall general well-being. Also affordable charges. — Iris

Please keep this centre open for a long, long time. — Anonymous

I always find it so refreshing to pop into the Centre and sit in your lovely Lavender room. It’s an oasis of calm and just enjoying a coffee there alone, helps me recharge for the rest of the day. — Sally

I’ve never had counselling before. I felt comfortable and safe and that I was really being listened to. It made me look at myself differently – and how I reacted to my situation(s). At the end of my sessions, I felt less stressed, sleeping better and my ability to cope was improved – thank you. — Mary

Just a note to thank you for kindly sending me the list of mental health resources, which will be very helpful. I enjoyed meeting you on Monday and found the advice I received very useful. Thank you for your support. — Rebecca (name changed)

May I express my sincere gratitude to all the [staff] that work so hard to make us comfortable, to make us feel appreciated and know what we go through in the dark hours of the night. God bless you all. Thank you. — John

I thoroughly enjoyed this [complementary therapy] taster session and [am] looking forward to a longer session. — Sharon

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Enfield Carers Centre is a local charity offering support and advice for all unpaid carers in the borough of Enfield.

Carers Assessments

Under the Care Act 2014 Carers now have the same rights to assessment & support as those they care for. Find out more about carers assessments & how to request one.

Have a break

Fancy a break, cinema trip, meal out or a massage? Even the most dedicated carers sometimes long for some time for themselves. Our “Time For A Break” scheme can help.

Carer Support

Support groups provide a place where you can be honest, share tips on ways of coping, and enjoy some fun and laughter.

Money Matters

We understand that as a carer your finances may be under pressure. Click here for more information on what’s available to carers.

Young Carers

Do you help a family member who’s ill, has a disability or a problem with drug or alcohol? You’re not alone.


It’s not always easy to stand up for your rights. Sometimes you don’t have enough information. Our advocacy service can help you.

What’s on

See upcoming events and workshops at the Enfield Carers Centre and elsewhere.


Long term caring can be very stressful and we don’t always cope as well as we could. Counselling could help.